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Family Yoga

Private classes for families to practise Yoga together!

Practise with your kids! Experience Yoga poses, Yoga games, meditation, music, pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation...  and most importantly lots of FUN!!

Practising Yoga with your children has the same mental, physical and spiritual benefits as any other Yoga practice - greater strength and flexibility, a quieter mind and a happier heart.  Practising with your family however has additional perks:

  • Brings you closer.
  • Builds trust and encourages communication in your family.
  • Parents can exercise without having to find childcare.
  • Spending quality time with your loved ones doing something fun and healthy together.
  • Classes end off with a short massage and encourages healthy and loving touch which fosters a feeling of closeness within the family.
  • We’ll practise “flying” or AcroYoga postures, with the parents basing the children – we guarantee the kids (and you) will LOVE it!!
  • Expends children’s excess energy in a healthy way.
  • Especially beneficial for younger children who may otherwise have a hard time paying attention in a children’s only class.
  • Many parents feel that they appreciate the time they spend with their children more and learn to let go of annoyances and focus more on the person inside.
  • Improved behaviour of children (and grownups!) due to the calming effects of relaxation and visualisation.
  • Increased self-confidence for the children.
  • The children gain body awareness, build their strength and balance and retain and improve their natural flexibility.  Will help them in other activities they may pursue at school like gymnastics, dance or any sport.
  • Both children and parents sleep better at night.
  • Yoga requires both the children and parents alike to watch and listen to learn, important qualities to have both in and out of school.
  • Your kids see you taking care of yourselves. Seeing parents follow a spiritual or health practice sets the foundation for a future Yoga and meditation practice for your children.
Group Size: Max 2 families (please contact us to discuss further depending on family size).
Kids ages 3 and up. 
Investment: Prices vary depending on group size, length of class and travel time required. Please contact us for further details.


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